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20 years ago, when I first attended a three-day jewelry fabrication class at Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts, my heart was set on creating earrings that I wanted to wear. After having had my first design produced by someone else, it was clear to me that I needed the experience of creating them from idea to finished earrings.

During that weekend course I learned to saw, file, polish and excitedly succeeded in some basic soldering of sterling silver and 14 karat gold pieces. I was hooked and knew that for me, working with metal was fulfilling.

Dangle earrings were my usual style but when noticing that most women wore hoops, I began making them too. And found that I liked the simple lines and shapes that could be softened into finer looking jewelry.

When gold prices began to rise, I experimented only in sterling silver and fell in love with its reflective high shine. And love this quality in necklaces and chain bracelets which I offer now too.

The earrings and pendants are made from sterling silver wire or sheet, then formed or carved, soldered and polished from my studio in Santa Maria, CA. The same goes for the larger link chain bracelets. With the other bracelets, I start with small link curb or cable chain and add or make components for aesthetics and ease of wearing.